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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The (Re-inventing) Membership Project is now up and running

The Membership Project is now up and running, with a open collaboration website at Do come across and comment - or even better, register and contribute. Here's what we say on the About page.

The Membership Project explores how the social web and other factors are changing the ways in which we may belong to groups and organisations.
We believe that these changes will have major implications for civil society institutions, ranging from national charities to local groups.
Put simply, will people still pay subscriptions if they can get information, meet and collaborate through social networks? As individuals, how do we turn connections made online and in other ways into deeper relationships and ways of working towards a better society? What benefits must organisations offer in future to survive?
We are inviting anyone interested to join us in a exploring how 'membership' and the act of 'joining' is changing, review the implications for civil society institutions, and then to develop services, support or guidance to help them meet the challenges and opportunities.
The precise objectives and outputs will be agreed during an initial project design phase, when we will also consider the drivers behind change. We wish to situate our discussions of how 'membership' is changing within a broader exploration of changing patterns of involvement/participation, which have been driven by a range of technological (including social media) and social factors.
You'll see that the aim is to develop a market place for early ideas, products and services which can then form the basis for more substantial work packages and funding bids.

Big thank you to RSA and the NCVO Foresight team for initial funding to get the site up and develop first activities, and proposals.

We'll be talking to RSA staff and NCVO about organising a get-together for anyone interested within the next month.

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