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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Starting discussion on future RSA networking

Here's some of the issues those attending the workshop later this week want to talk about - please add a comment to this post if you have some of your own.
  • Gathering lessons from the past eighteen months of development of RSA networks, and OpenRSA.
  • Creative exploration of how RSA networking can develop in future.
  • How to collaborate online in developing projects.
  • Building working relationships with other professionals through RSA.
  • Finding out what will be offered to Fellows by RSA in future - and what might be expected of them.
  • Developing communication toolkits to help Fellows connect with each other and develop projects.
  • The impact of social media on leadership.
About 30 Fellows, friends and RSA staff will be attending the workshop on February 19 - details here. There are a few places still available, and you can sign up here.
I've pulled together some background material here, about RSA network development over the past 18 months, and OpenRSA.
Laura Bunt and Laura Billings will introduce discussion from the RSA staff perspective;
Malcolm Forbes, who helped start OpenRSA, will give his view of developments; and we'll also hear from Eleanor Ford, who will give the main points from NESTA's study on the RSA/Fellowship and networks, offering the practical recommendations from the report.
NESTA supported RSA networks with £100,000 of funding, and their evaluation - by Sophia Parker and Eleanor - offers some valuable principles for networked organisations. Here's the summary from NESTA's site, where you can download the full report.

Principles for networked innovation

  • Start with relationships not transactions
  • Be clear about the invitation
  • People need to be seen and heard
  • Follow exciting leads
  • The online presence is integral to the mission
  • Understand patterns of participation
  • Not every networked idea is a good idea
  • Revel in reflected glory
  • Let networked innovation models change the hierarchy
  • Don’t lose the human touch when going to scale

Principles for managing disruptive change

  • Embrace chaos
  • Co-design change
  • Prototype, incubate, learn
  • Mix mavericks and managers
  • Go beyond staff compliance
We've also posted the principles in more detail on our wiki.
We aren't aiming to set the agenda for the workshop beforehand, but it would be really useful to have a sense of what other's are interested in at this stage of RSA networking.
I'm particularly keen to explore how Fellows and staff might work together to develop communication toolkits, which add additional tools to those available on the main RSA networking site.
In order to help with that I've used Pageflakes to create a page where you can see feeds from all the main RSA blogs, and from Open RSA: you'll find it here.

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