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Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Welcome to Scottish Fellows

The letter below has just gone out to all Scottish FRSAs - thanks to Louise Macdonald for organising.

.. so a big welcome to anyone looking in from north of the border (and elsewhere for that matter).

Do drop a comment here on how you would like to see networking improved, or any other topic. If you would like to author a blog post, just email You can also follow us on Twitter: explanation here

Dear Fellows,

Later this week a group of RSA Fellows and staff will be discussing future development of online networking and collaboration on projects, at a workshop in London. The OpenRSA group wants to extend the discussion to other regions and nations, and have posted an invitation to add ideas and issues on their blog

One of the ideas likely to be discussed is development of communication toolkits that help Fellows connect and collaborate by adding tools to those already available on the RSA networks site.

You find out more about OpenRSA here

There's a webpage here that brings together all OpenRSA discussions, and feeds from RSA blogs

This is an excellent opportunity to engage at an international level in framing the way that RSA Fellows engage with each other and with the RSA.

Check it out!!

Judith Friedman
Outreach Coordinator, Scotland
+44 (0)750 088 5473

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the warm welcome - I just wanted to add my welcome too, as Scottish Chair of the RSA. We are at an exciting time in developments across the RSA, with lots of interesting work going on, including in Scotland. We have been focussing on gathering views from FRSA on what they want to see in Scotland - and there is a growing demand for digital tools. We really hope that FRSA from "all pairts", as they say, will contribute to this debate, and we look forward to seeing what emerges and develops over the coming days, weeks and months. Exciting times!