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Thursday, 6 December 2007


Dominic said...

Hmmm - interesting that I hadn't intend to post this one to openrsa but to another blog / service.

So that leads me to further comment - other than on the 3/4 streams of discussion etc that aren't linked - that rather too much of this technology is not intuitive, or straightforward to use.

Semi-techies, and every generation since about my eldest niece's birth (1987), are totally confident and literate when it comes to this. David Puttnam at this evening's lecture placed great emphasis on this in the context of education. In fact a lot of what he was saying was about participation, responsibility, etc., and he should be brought in to some of the policy debate and work directly - if not helping set out requirements of ease of use :-)

And outside of this, how are the wider network of those who don't and/or won't use on-line (or are limited because of bandwidth and/or line speeds) to be fully part of this?


davidwilcox said...

Dominic - thanks, and picking up your two points as I understand them:
1.There are several possibly confusing strands of discussion about RSA and RSA Networks.Historically the reason for this is that RSA did not initially offer a public online forum about developments - so a group of us set up a Google group (for email), a wiki for static content and this blog. RSA then set up the RSA Networks blog, but did not offer Fellows posting rights. That blog is not now showing any activity, and "official" discussion is on the new RSA Networks site, but behind a login. It's not clear whether future access will be limited to Fellows or not. We've made some suggestions about combining with RSA, and I believe staff and consultants are currently review their next stages of development. For now this blog, and the Google group, are the only public forums for discussion of future RSA development that I know of. Maybe we don't need the Google group - but I suspect not everyone monitors the blog. Any further thoughts on what would work best for Fellows and also others interested?
2. How will Fellows and others who are not well-connected or confident take part in RSA Network developments and discussions. I think that is a major issue for RSA that did get some time on November 22. OpenRSA is a purely voluntary activity, and even so those involved have managed to run a number of open events and done some general networking. However, I think the bigger challenge is one that can only be tackled by RSA centrally - with our support.