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Thursday, 29 November 2007

Time for some open collaboration?

Last week's RSA Networks event was clearly a hit with NESTA, who are investing £100,000 in the overall process. Roland Harwood writes on the NESTA Connect blog:
.... it's been a while since I attended an event with such a buzz and determination, so I strongly believe that the right conditions are there for successful collaborations to flourish.
Since then the new RSA Networks collaboration site has seen some activity behind the login, but the RSA Networks blog has been quiet. I hope this doesn't mean RSA expects everything to happen in private in future ... I think the network effect Roland writes about in his item won't happen that way.
Civic innovation requires a lot of connections beyond RSA membership.
Is it time for a collaboration between RSA staff, NESTA, OpenRSA enthusiasts - and others - to create an online open space equivalent of our event last week, as well as plan further events?


davidwilcox said...

Roland Harwood of NESTA has swiftly offered to host a get-together of Fellows, RSA and others interested. He writes on his blog

David - I'm certainly happy to consider convening a small get-together if that would be helpful. This would link with the evaluation we are doing with Eleanor Ford. When do you think is the right time to do this? I agree that for this to reach critical mass then it needs to ultimately take on a life of it's own, and openness is key here. Roland

Tessy Britton said...

A get together always sounds great! I went on the new site this morning and was really impressed with the number of quality discussions being posted for collaboration. It would be great to see more and more Fellows register and participate. I wonder if a personal invitation to Fellows who weren't able to attend last week, to take a look, wouldn't help to at this point?

After last week's excitement I suspect that a little time to consider next steps and catching up may be the reason lack of activity in some areas? The RSA's complete openness to date would indicate that this sense of inclusion will only continue to grow and develop.