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Friday, 23 November 2007

RSA networks site raises the issue of openness

As conversations buzzed around the RSA house in John Adam Street, Saul Albert and Andy Gibson were tucked about in the theatre demonstrating a new online system that will be at the heart of helping Fellows develop project ideas, discuss them with others, and move them forward.
Saul and Andy have only had a few weeks to develop the prototype - yet during that time have been extraordinarily open and collaborative, as you can see from postings on this blog.
The site was well received - and the key issues raised were not about the technology, but about openness: for example, how far it should be for Fellows-only? This might seem logical in a membership organisation, but could be a handicap in developing projects that will inevitably involve a wide range of interests beyond the Fellowship. It's an issue already raised here. For the moment the site is open, so I urge you to click across and sign up to try it out. 

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