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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The UN and Social Media

Dan McQuillan has written a terribly interesting post on the UN and the use of social media on his blog interenet.artizans .

Dan writes: “But the UN is both Ideal and Institution, and the implications of social media are different for the two sides of this duality. For the Institution, the transition to the world of digital natives will be a difficult one. No institution, let alone a leviathan like the UN, is well adapted to the informal & peer-to-peer culture of the social web. More than that, the increased transparency enabled by the web is going to bring pressure to bear on the gritty realities of UN delivery. Big brands are already experiencing this pain and the UN will surely follow.”

Dan’s observations about the lack of privacy and transparency demonstrated by young people on social network sites are particularly insightful.

“But dig a bit deeper and the perennial idealism of youth starts to emerge from their online profiles & comments - as in every generation, plenty of young people care passionately about peace and justice.”

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