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Monday, 12 November 2007

RSA appoints consultancy for online system

The RSA have appointed the consultancy Sociability to help define the online system by which Fellows may collaborate together, and with others, to work on civic innovation projects. A first version will be demonstrated at the event for some 250 Fellows at RSA on November 22.
The development work is being carried out by Andy Gibson (left), and Saul Albert, who runs the company The People Speak.
Andy is a co-founder of the Web 2.0 start up The School of Everything, and before developing Sociability worked at Skillset commissioning web sites. He blogs here.
Saul says about The People speak
The People Speak is a set of ideas, technologies and strategies we've developed for bringing people together to have conversations and discussions in an open-ended and fun way. We design events, architectures, systems and processes in which people are encouraged to express themselves, share ideas, flirt, and be as creative as they can.
One possible model for the RSA work is the new media eXchange, which Andy says has similarities to the RSA prototype. The site says

It shouldn't be so hard to find great talent and outstanding projects - or for talented people to find opportunities to work and collaborate.

The nm-x is a network for bringing together people, projects, events and organisations to eXchange with each other.


Anonymous said...

Just to say that we're all really excited about what how is prototype is being built and what it is going to do.

Its being built to complement the RSA's new website, which will be completely open source.

The idea is that Fellows and staff will contribute to developing this 'perpetual beta' and once we feel we have something there it will be built into the new website which is scheduled to go live in Spring 08.

Andy Gibson said...

Thanks David - and a lovely photograph too!

Saul and I have had some really useful conversations with fellows already, and there have also been some great suggestions posted here and on the Google Group too - so thanks very much for all that. We'll also aim to respond to public queries via this site too if that would be helpful?

We're still very keen to talk to any interested fellows about how the eventual system could work. The prototype is intended to add a few more ideas to the conversation and give us a good opportunity to get a debate going. We're also arranging an informal gathering this Friday evening, at the RSA, for anyone interested in giving us early-stage feedback on the prototype, and sharing ideas about what the long-term strategy could be.

So, if you have time to speak to us, please do drop me a line at andy[at] and hopefully we can find a convenient moment to talk by phone or face-to-face. Otherwise, please feel free to e-mail me anything you think would be helpful, and I hope to see you all on 22nd Nov.

Best wishes,