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Sunday, 11 November 2007

What is the RSA re-invention plan?

It is difficult to find one statement of what is planned - however there are a number of articles and blog posts.
  • Email from Matthew Taylor to RSA Fellows says "In essence, our aim is that the RSA becomes a network for civic innovation, empowering both Fellows and staff to develop new initiatives that promote and deliver progress in society. We want to make it easier for any Fellow who wants to get involved to connect with other like-minded Fellows and to develop initiatives that seek to remove barriers to progress, working locally, in professional groups or simply among people who share interests and enthusiasms."
  • Q and A on Matthew's blog about the initiative
  • Journal article by Sophia Parker says Civic innovation will only realise its full potential once citizens are involved in setting the agenda and the terms of engagement.
  • NESTA provides £100,000 funding for the programme
  • Sophia Parker on the RSA Networks blog: Effective engagement is a learning process
  • From these items it seems that the vision is for Fellows to work together, and with RSA staff to develop projects for civic innovation. There will be some process by which choices will be made over projects to be supoported.
Update: the RSA Networks team have now produced a briefing for the workshop on November 22. Blog item here

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